Video Production

Kryptonite Production offers a wide range of video productions from wedding day videos to commercials & short advertisements. Our video production team consists of trained professionals who are dedicated, efficient, creative & committed. We are experienced in video productions of wedding proposals, events, short advertisements, music videos, wedding day ceremonies, corporate messages and 2D animations.

Wedding Proposal Videography

Our wedding proposal videography team not only captures the important moments of heartfelt wedding proposals, but also helps to plan and execute the surprise. Clients have engaged our wedding proposal videography team together with flash mobs, pre-proposal videos, creative planners, decoration teams, sound teams, mascots & musicians. Our wedding proposal team has had different experiences in planning & shooting different types of wedding proposals. You will not go wrong with a wedding proposal team that is creative, efficient & dedicated.

Commercials & Short Advertisements Production

Our commercials & short advertisements production team are committed to creating ideas great punch lines for your products & services. The most important thing in an advertisement is the message it brings to your clients. With our production team & post production team working together, your advertisements will never be short of being awesome!


Wedding Actual Day Videography

Our wedding actual day videography team is one of the best in town. They arrive very early to make sure that everything is set up & ready before everything else starts to happen. They are patient, dedicated & enthusiastic to be sure that your once-in- a-lifetime wedding day gets captured with just the perfect touch for flawless memories. Our wedding actual day videography team is keen with details, as the bride & groom would definitely be too excited to notice particulars about how they look best standing or sitting down on one of the biggest days of their life. Fret not, as our wedding actual day videography team is here to guide and remind you to be your gorgeous selves. You will look great on video!

Music Video Productions

Been there, done that, and we could definitely say that music videos are not easy productions to start or to complete. Our music video production team have all the resources to help you design, plan, schedule, organize, coordinate, shoot, edit & finalize your music video. Our creative team specializes in helping you create the perfect storyline & manner of presentation to accentuate the message you want to deliver to your viewers. Look no further. Give our music video production team a chance to collaborate with you for a fascinating music video journey.


Event Videography


Our event videography team is experienced in shooting corporate events, product launches, roadshows, sports events, competitions and many other events. Let our event videography team help you achieve the viewer satisfaction of your event videos. Our event videography team will deliver their best in full day rundown videos and also event highlight videos, whichever you would prefer. Work hand in hand with our event videography team for an event video with good content & abundant aesthetic value.


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