Our production team at Kryptonite Production consists of a few talented photographers that specialize in different aspects of photography. Our photographers in our production team take up challenges in the form of wedding photography, event photography, venue photography, landscape photography, commercial photography, wedding day photography & menu photography.


Our pre-wedding photography ranges from classy studio photography to unique bedazzling outdoor natural light photography. For your once in a lifetime pre-wedding photography, if your preference is to stay cool and composed to capture classic or vintage photographs, indoor studio shooting with the air conditioning on full blast is just the thing for you. Who says you’ve got to sweat to get pretty pictures? Then again, if you’re bubbly, energetic, sporty, and adventurous and love the outdoors, we have loads of choices for your dream pre-wedding photography. You could choose to wear fairy wings and pose in the moss forest of Cameron highlands, ride the waves on a jet ski in swimsuits with a bowtie or a veil or even lie down on a bed of roses on the beach during sunset for a perfectly romantic pose. Pre-wedding photography blues no more! Visualize it, you have it!

Wedding Day Photography

Gone are the days where you ask your parents, your brother, your cousins & your relatives to take wedding day photos of you during your big day. Now they can all join in the fun & laughter. Leave the job & hassle to a team of professional wedding day photographers. You will never go wrong!


While you hustle & bustle away trying to get everything right for your event, be it a personal one or a corporate event, we are here for hire to capture your event from head to toe; a.m. to p.m.. Event photography, easy as it sounds, is not quite that manageable unless you have a team of professional event photographers that will standby to shoot according to your event rundown. Our team of event photographers are dedicated & committed to capture the best moments of your event. Your event is in good hands when you hire professional event photographers to capture every possible important moment.

F&B Photography

Mouth-watering delicacies and delightful cocktails are only half as good if you do not give your customers a sensory treat before they try them out personally. Our F&B photography team gives your food & drinks the treatment they deserve!

Property & Venue Photography

Have a new place set up and want beautiful photos for your social media page? Tired of looking at old photos of your venue & want something new to freshen up your webpage? Have new properties to launch and are looking for an album of photos to share with potential clients? Our property & venue photography team might just be the right choice for you. Dedicated & professional, our property & venue photography team will take a good look at your venue and consult your ideas on specific spot you want captured. Don’t let your perfect location’s beauty go to waste. Hire a property & venue photography team to spice up the pages of your social media!



Pre-natal Photography

You’ll be surprised how fast it grows! We mean your gorgeous baby bump! Capture the wonderful moments of your pregnancy together with the father-to-be. Our pre-natal photography team is patient & dedicated to spend a full day’s time to try to capture the best shots of you, your baby bump & the excited hubby. Imagine showing the photos to your child in the future! Time waits for no one. Hire our pre-natal photography team today! They will take good care to showcase your most beautiful pregnant side!